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All The Years

Even after all the years of salty tears
She’s still so soft, and sweet
Each night she cries, then wipes her eyes
And dries her soggy cheeks

Even after all the days of godly ways
She’s still so off the track
Each time she tries, to right her life
She winds up falling flat



August, come kiss my brow
Before autumn slaps me on the cheek
I will take thy summer vow
If you make September fall right at her feet

August, come kiss me now!
Before July comes to you in heat
I will shake my summer doubt
If you make her remember all things sweet

Back To Life

May night come to you, star-studded
Black and white, bejewelled
May day run with you, rose-budded
Back to life, renewed

May dreams come to you, so sudden
Green and red, in twos
May peace cover you, heart flooded
Feet to head, in truth

Masters Of The Trade

This pain has been handcrafted
By masters of the trade
Made from tin and plasticĀ 
To last the length of days

This fear has been hand sculptedĀ 
By keepers of the art
Hard as nails, the culpritĀ 
That keeps us in the dark

My Sparrow

Come nest with me, my sparrow
For never have you known
The ecstasy of being
No rest, relief, just wheeling
In circles round your center
Hoping some sweet love will enter

Come stay with me, my precious
For not one time have you felt
The fullness of existence
Just pull and push, resistance
Making tomorrows with your mind
Thinking some great joy you’ll find

Minced Meat

My mind may be minced meat
But my heart is like butter
On some barbecued potatoes
In the backyard, in summer

My thoughts may be cold beef
But my feels are like feathers
On the wings of a blackbird
Flying south in September

Never Ours

That life was never ours
The season had to change
The light was in our hearts
But reasons still remained

The time was never right
The leaves, they had to fall
The sun was on our side
But evening had to call